Wednesday, December 16, 2009


MOVING MY BLOG... Now I'm going to have only one blog instead of the many that I have had up til now... The new location is

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Loosing your hair? Maybe you need to look in to buying a wig?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Please pray for Jon.

My cousin Jon Thomann has been in the hospital the last week. He fell down a flight of concrete stairs and did some major damage to his head that required brain surgery. He has not fully become consious yet, but there are indications that he is becoming more active. This has been a trying time and has been hard on all of us.

Please pray for his recovery. If you would like to know more about his current situation, his girlfriend, parents and brother are keeping us all updated with this website/blog:

If you would like to help out financially, there has been a new Support Fund recently set up. You may send checks to the

Jon Thomann and Family Support Fund
P.O. Box 1262
Columbia MO 65205-1262

For more information on the fund and its purpose, you may contact Cathi Harris at 573-220-6582.

Monday, October 29, 2007

When you draw

Drawing is the key to all of the arts. It helps you see better, and think visually, which is helpful in sculpture, painting, printmaking, digital art, photography, 3d modelling and just about any other visual art you can think of. Drawing is THE ROOT of all other visual arts. Practicing it regularly will help your hand-eye coordination, help you see the world in visual ways... and relate it to your other arts. I know that personally when I get to working heavy duty in 3d modelling in Lightwave, creating character heads, and other things, I'll constantly find myself in the real world thinking about how to recreate real world stuff in 3d. It's really weird to be sitting in a meeting at work, looking at the people around you and thinking things to yourself stuff like, man, that persons forhead has too many splotches and wrinkles, God should turn up the sub d level right there... or thinking about where would be good places to put splines on someone's nose, etc. When working heavy duty with painting, the same sort of things pop in to my head. I'll be sitting in Church, looking around, and see my eye attracted to one person sitting across the room, and then try to think about why that's happening. It usually has to do with contrast or chiarascuro related things, for instance, maybe that person has red hair and a light colored shirt and it stands out since all the people standing around him or her has on dark, cool colors and dark hair... maybe some light streaming from a stain glass window is highlighting a certain area in the church that person is sitting close to, etc. Art helps you see the world around you, and seeing the world around helps your art. Live Life!

Friday, October 27, 2006

What is the meaning of art?

Part of the Current Wikopedia definition of art:

Art is an act of creation, when images and objects, sights and sounds, or drawings and carvings convey the beauty and splendor of the world, or realize the imagination of the artist, for the purpose of self-expression or the shared enjoyment of its creation. Art is that which elevates our interpretation of the world and of ourselves from simple description or narrative to the sublime.

They say that art imitates life and that life imitates art. I believe that both of these are true, and that art is really a new way of viewing the world and having the world view us. It calls us to think. It can be simple, or grand and complex. It can be one single brushstroke, keystroke, or idea, or a plethora of idea that build on one another to create other ideas. It can affect the viewer, reader, observer and can sometimes be affected, infested, or infected by them as well.

Art is something that we inherently do, whether we realize it or not. It is part of the meaning of life. It gives can give us reasons to live, it can give us reasons to die. It is part of the world that we humans leave behind... It is the beginning and the end of reason. Art can be fun. It can also be difficult, both to create, partake in, and be absorbed by and absorb... but it can also be simple. There's many different levels of the ways art can work. Partake in art, please. It could possibly save your soul! :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


My name is Jeff Thomann. I'm a local mid-west artist. I have a lot of interests, however, my primary hobbies and interests have to do with painting, 3d animation, theater, and the arts. I have a BFA in Studio Art, with an emphasis in painting, and I also have a minor in theater. I've been out of college almost 7 years now, and unfortunately, do nothing at my 40 hour a week job that has to do with art. This is unfortunate and saddens my heart. I figure at least posting here can maybe get the artsy wheels in my head turning again and can maybe, someday down the road, land me a job closer to the art field... unfortunely, I'm gonna have to be picky though because I have a house to pay for and a wife and a dog to support too! :)

I have intersts in computer game design, free-to-air satellite reception, and a lot of other things, but I'm saving this blog for my art interests, stories, ideas, and things. I'll save other blogs to chit chat w/ya about my other hobbies and ideas, if I have time to do so. Expect more here.

Oh, by the way, over the last few years, I've posted on various forums, mainly,,,,, and a lot of other places under the name mastermesh. I randomly chose that name because I was new to 3d animation at the time, and wanted to learn to master my 3d meshes. Little did I know that there was some fencing company with that name... occassionaly, they'll end up on top of google, and occassionaly, I'll end up on top of google... although lately they've been on top more than me. I also have some other screen names on various forums around the internet, including some of the above... More posts will come here in the coming days.